Flood Insurance


Flood insurance is a smart idea no matter where you live. Anywhere it rains, it can flood. Floods are the most common natural disaster, and have accounted for more than $2.7 billion U.S. flood losses since 2001. Lucky for you, an agent can help you choose the right policy to protect your home, so you can relax while someone else takes care of the paperwork!

We Get It.

We aren’t the only company offering flood insurance. That’s why we’re committed to doing a better job than the competition. It all starts with your policy. If you choose to purchase your National Flood Insurance Program policy through First Choice, you’ll have a personal, professional agent helping you make sure that your home and your belongings have the coverage you want in the event of a flood. A First Choice agent can talk you through the details and help you choose the right policy to protect your home. Act now, because most flood policies have a 30-day waiting period before flood coverage goes into effect.

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